about us

Indostone is a small private company catering for company's and individual collectors throughout the world.

Our office is based in Bali where the majority of our material is mined and obtained.
Since inception the company has grown mainly due to their two pronged marketing approach and ability to secure good quality semi-precious stones and minerals within Indonesia. Our most popular stone is the fossil coral sold as polished cabochons and is deemed to be the best fossilised coral in the world with natural colours and beautiful clear polyps. Also available is an abundance of other cabochons of agate and jasper along with sponge coral that has been washed up on the beaches.
For several years now we have diversified into silver jewellery, we had so many cabochons they were just waiting to be set in silver. All our silver work is designed by our staff and made by the artisans of Bali.
Due to the world economy crisis we are now only doing 3 shows a year in Japan, all in Tokyo for information of dates please email.